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 First week

Introduction _

Iron ore exploration _

Iron ore evaluation _

Iron ore reserve estimation _

Mining of iron ore_

Feasibility of iron ore mining projects_

Economic geology

Introduction _

Distribution of iron ore in Egypt _

 (iron ore at El –bahariya oasis (El gedida mine-Ghorabi –Nasser and el-halla aryeas _

iron ore at el east and south east Aswan _

(iron ore at eastern desert(red sea area including-um nas-wadi careem-um game -El-zarka and others_

(iron El- awanat area (south west western desert _

Exploration and prospecting of iron ores By geophysical prospecting or by trenches or by borehole tests, than suitable network        drilling(large scale 400*400 m, or small scale 200*100 m or 100 *100 m

Steps of iron ore production

removing of overburden (capping rocks cove the iron ore) -

Exploitation the iron ore by bench methods or by any methods depending on the thickness of iron ore body. -

Crushing and blending of iron ores -

Quality control of chemical analyses of iron ore components -

Second week

Introduction: overview of the global iron ore industry -

Mineralogical, chemical, and physical characteristics of iron ore -

Characterization and evaluation of iron ore and sinters by different techniques -

Iron ore extraction techniques -

Developments in iron ore comminution and classification technologies -

Developments in the physical separation of iron ore: magnetic separation -

Developments in nonmagnetic physical separation technologies for hematitic/goethitic iron ore -

Developments in the physiochemical separation of iron ore -

Developments in chemical separation of iron ore -

Application of biotechnology in iron ore beneficiation -

Quality requirements of iron ore for iron production -

Life cycle assessment of iron ore mining and processing -

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Theoretical lecture -

Orsal discussions -

Practical works -

PowerPoint presentations for topics -


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