Management of chemical Labs

موضوعات التدريب

►The culture of laboratory safety

- Introduction and overview

- Responsibility and Accountability for Laboratory Safety

- Laboratory Security

►Environmental Health and Safety Management System

- Review quality and health checks on instruments

- Safety Rules and Policies

- Chemical Management Program

- Laboratory Inspection Program

- Emergency Procedures

- Employee Safety Training Program,

►Evaluating Hazards and Assessing Risks in the Laboratory

- Toxic Effects of Laboratory Chemicals

- Flammable, Reactive, and Explosive Hazards

- Physical Hazards

- Nanomaterials

- Biohazards

- Hazards from Radioactivity

►Management of Chemicals

- Green Chemistry for Every Laboratory

- Acquisition of Chemicals

- Inventory and Tracking of Chemicals

- Storage of Chemicals in Stockrooms and Laboratories

- Transfer, Transport, and Shipment of Chemicals

►Working with Chemicals and Laboratory Equipment

- General Procedures for Working with Hazardous Chemicals

- Working with Substances of High Toxicity

- Working with Biohazardous and Radioactive Materials

- Working with Flammable Chemicals

- Working with Highly Reactive or Explosive Chemicals

- Working with High or Low Pressures and Temperatures

- Working with Electrically Powered Laboratory Equipment 

►Management of Waste

- Chemical Hazardous Waste

- Procedures for the Laboratory-Scale Treatment of Surplus and Waste Chemicals

►Laboratory Facilities

- General Laboratory Design Considerations

- Laboratory Ventilation

►Emergency Procedures and Planning

- Preplanning

- Communication During an Emergency

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