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Geology of minerals and ore deposits

- Introduction

- Ore mineralogy and orebodies

- Concept of Mineral Exploration

- Accessible and Available Resource and Reserves

- Estimation of Undiscovered Resources

- Economic—Definition of Exploration

- Extension and geometry of ore deposits

- Geological Cycles and the Formation of Mineral Deposits

- Project Effectiveness and Success Ratio

Composition of the Earth and Mineral Resources

- Crust of the Earth

- Common Rock Forming Minerals

- Physical Characteristics of Minerals

- Importance of Mineralogical Characteristics

- Mineralogical Identification

- Ore-Forming Processes and the Resultant Mineral Deposits

Importance of minerals and brief history of their recovery

- Mineral supply and demand

- Economic impact on mineral supplies

Geological Mapping and remote sensing in Exploration

- General Considerations

- Why Make a Map?

- The Nature of a Geological Map

- Intelligent Mapping and remote sensing in mineral exploration

- Choosing the Best Technique

Methods of mineral exploration (Geophysical and Geochemical Methods)

- General Discussion

- Geological Models and Methods of Exploration

- Efficiency of the Method in Exploration

- Exploration Procedure

- Preliminary Exploration

- Detailed Exploration

- Types of Deposits and Exploration

- Analyzing Exploration Data

- Economics of Exploration and Mining

- Magnetic Surveys

- Gravity Surveys

- Radiometric Surveys

- Electromagnetic (EM) Surveys

- Electrical Surveys

- Hybrid Electrical and Magnetic Surveys

Sampling and ore evaluation

- Sampling method

- Sampling intervals

- Record of samples

- Sampling equipment

- Prospects and sample values

- Stream Sediment Sampling

- Soil Sampling

- Heavy Mineral Concentrate (HMC) Sampling

Mine Planning

- Introduction and meaning of ore

- Mine development phases

- Planning costs

- Calculation of average thickness and concentration of mineral deposits in different mines.

Mining Cycles and mining methods

- Introduction

- Surface mining-planning and design of open pit mining

- Surface mining-Placer Mining

- In situ leaching / solution mining

- Underground mining

Reserves of mineral deposits and ore processing

- Mineral processing

- Scraping ration and overburden

- Mine waste management

- Estimation of on-site reserve of mineral deposits

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