3D Max

الهدف العام

The course on Autodesk 3DS MAX 2014 software offers influential, incorporated 3D modeling, animation, and rendering tools, which enables designers and artists to concentrate more on creative areas, rather than technical challenges. This course offers specialized toolsets for architectures, visual effects artists, game developers, and motion graphics artists. This course is very useful for creative professionals operational in the media design business such as designers, architects, visualization specialists, and engineers.

الاهداف التفصيلية

• Understand the basic functionality, features and principles behind 3ds Max Design2015.

• Create and manipulate 3D data in 3ds Max Design.

• Import data from other 3D applications.

• Embellish scenes with the use of materials and maps.

• Create adequate lighting for your environments.

• Animate objects in the scene.

• Render still pictures and animations to disk for later viewing

• 3D Modeling with Primitives and 2D Objects

• Materials

• Autodesk 3ds Max Design Lighting

• Lighting with Autodesk 3ds Max Design mental ray

• Rendering and Cameras

• Animation for Visualization

موضوعات التدريب

• File I/O .

• Getting Started.

• 3ds Max Design Configuration.

• Assembling Project Files.

• Basic Modeling Techniques.

• Modeling From 2D Objects and Transforming Objects.

• Modifying Objects.

• Modeling with 3D Geometry .

• Modeling from Splines.

• Materials.

• Using Transforming Objects.

• Mapping Coordinates.

• Cameras.

• Lights.

• Lighting Techniques.

• Mental Ray Rendering.

• Rendering and Cameras.

• Modelling.

• 3D modeling.

• UI, workflow, and pipeline.

• 3D animation.

• 3D rendering.

• Lighting analysis and simulation.

• Advanced Rendering.

• Animation.

اساليب ووسائل التدريب

• المحاضرات النظرية.

• المناقشات الشفهية.

• التطبيقات العملية.

• عروض باوربوينت للموضوعات.


This course has been designed for people who want to create 3D graphics for print or animation. Target customers are architectural practices, visualization studios, production houses, advertising agencies or other such departments that work in large organizations.

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