Oracle Database 12c: Administration Workshop I

الهدف العام

This Oracle Database 11g: Administration Workshop I Release 2 course explores the fundamentals of basic database administration. Expert Oracle University instructors will reinforce topics with structured hands-on practices that will prepare you for the corresponding Oracle Certified Associate exam.

الاهداف التفصيلية

• Back and recover a database (and its parts) with RMAN (command-line and Enterprise Manager) • Use flashback technology to view past states of data and to revert either objects or the entire database back to a past state • Use an appropriate and flexible memory configuration for your database • Identify burdensome database sessions and poorly performing SQL • Configure the Oracle Database for optimal recovery • Configure the database instance such that resources are appropriately allocated among sessions and tasks • Schedule jobs to run inside or outside of the database • Use compression to optimize database storage and duplicate a database

موضوعات التدريب

• Core Concepts and Tools of the Oracle Database • Configuring for Recoverability • Using the RMAN Recovery CatalogPrivate Catalog) • Configuring Backup Settings • Creating Backups with RMAN • Restore and Recovery Task • Using RMAN to Perform Recovery • Monitoring and Tuning RMANBACKUP DURATION • Diagnosing the Database • Using Flashback Technology I • Using Flashback Technology II • Performing Flashback Database • Managing Memory • Managing Database Performance • Managing Performance by SQL Tuning • Managing Resources • Automating Tasks with the Scheduler • Managing Space in Blocks • Managing Space in Segments • Managing Space for the Database • Duplicating a Database

اساليب ووسائل التدريب

• المحاضرات النظرية. • المناقشات الشفهية. • التطبيقات العملية. • عروض باوربوينت للموضوعات.


• Database Administrators • Technical Administrator • Support Engineer • Technical Consultant

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18 أغسطس 2019 - 22 أغسطس 2019 القاهرة 1200 دولار امريكي
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