3D Maya

الهدف العام

The course aims to provide students the ability to combine creativity with technology to make world class 3D models and animated characters using Maya.

الاهداف التفصيلية

• Develop and understanding of the main tools in the Maya interface and how 3D art is constructed.

• Construct 3D models by creating and editing primitives through moving, rotating, scaling, and grouping them.

• Manipulate objects by selecting components, and rotating, scaling, and transforming them and using Boolean objects to combine or extrude shapes.

• Develop an understanding of how the size and complexity of a 3D model affects render time .

• Create low poly count characters to gain understanding of important poly modeling skills • Split polygons to create new vertices and faces and draw new polygons freehand.

• Smooth your polygonal models using subdivisions, and how this affects your modeling strategy.

• Set up a basic lighting rig including directional light, spotlight, key light, point light, and render it from different camera views.

• Apply and edit basic shades using the Hyper shade editor .

• Add basic image maps and UV maps, cutting, sewing, folding, and unfolding them to apply textures to models.

• Develop an understanding of basic principles of animation and create animations by adding and editing key frames on a timeline.

• Edit animations efficiently using the Graph Editor to control transitions via different kinds of interpolation.

• Develop file structures and naming conventions, and strategies that promote good workflow.

• Render out frames with alpha channels to preview scenes or characters for clients

موضوعات التدريب

• Introduction to Autodesk Maya.

• Autodesk Maya Interface and Workflow.

• Autodesk Maya Project Configuration.

• Assembling Files – File Link and Import.

• 3D Modeling with Polygons and NURBS.

• UV Layout and Mesh Preparation for Texturing.

• Texture Creation, Surfacing and Materials.

• Introduction to Autodesk Maya Lighting.

• Introduction to Autodesk Maya mental ray.

• Rendering.

اساليب ووسائل التدريب

• المحاضرات النظرية.

• المناقشات الشفهية.

• التطبيقات العملية.

• عروض باوربوينت للموضوعات.


Engineers, architects, draftsmen, designers, advertisers, interested to be professional Modeling, Animation, Character Rigging and Muscles, Rigid and Soft Body, nDynamics, nCloth, nHair and Fur, Fluid Dynamics, Paint Effects, Shaders and Textures, Lights and Camera, and Rendering.

بيانات التواصل


تاريخ الانعقاد المدينة مكان الانعقاد رسوم الاستثمار الحالة
17 فبراير 2019 - 21 فبراير 2019 القاهرة لقاهرة - جمهورية مصر العربية 1200 دولار امريكي منتهى
27 أكتوبر 2019 - 31 أكتوبر 2019 القاهرة 1200 $
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